Reviews for "JuicePlz"

not bad, but not good

This isnt bad, but isnt good either. Get those mental juices flowing and think about what more could be done to improve on this

Pretty Good ..................................

I give it a half a rating because you made sortof a imusing game but it can get boring over time but....... u did pretty good on making the game over all good job keep up the good work .... :-)

Nice game

Im into these kind of games =]
Make more! Thanks for one that you use a blender and fruits
You dont find these very often!


It has some good potential, but I was disappointed. Graphics were decent, animation was decent, concept is great, sound is good (and hey, different sound tracks, w00t!), difficulty is decent... but there are some problems. I love management games and I couldn't bring myself to finish more than three levels.

I think if you continued refining the game it would more satisfied players. My major critiques:
+ The blender buttons are tiny -- it's impossible on a laptop and difficult with a regular mouse. Difficulty should come from memory and speed, not whether I can click a tiny dot (this is a management game, not arcade)
+ How do I tell when the day is almost done and I don't have enough money and it's time to panic? Add a timer bar (or clock or something like that) to scare players >:)
+ Is the price a customer paid affected by the speed with which you serve them, or just the number of ingredients?
+ The bird poop is pretty juvenile. Something like urchins stealing fruit (or money from the register), that would be creative...

Overall it's not terrible though :)
(PS -- bananaknights.com doesn't seem to resolve?)

Its... bad

Bad bad bad... eeeeviiil. it's just another crummy game where you sell things... sorry if i upset you ... but it is.