Reviews for "Boss Theme - WIP"


This was a pretty raw song you made,it had some deep bass and the beats were mixed up nicely though it kind of dragged out but for the most part i liked this track of yours and i know you put a lot of effort in it. =)

Very great loop.

This is the kind of music I would consider using in a video. Awesome! I love it.

Its great...

Its a fantastic song. Really. And im sorry for the loss of your friend...

Maverlyn responds:

thank you

This sounds like

A KH battle, Tarzan and Sora lead a massive army of Gorillas and Elephants, with Turk, Tantor, and Jane acting as field officers against a giant army of heartless.

Its great.

Maverlyn responds:

Wow, thx :) good focus.


Great song! I think the hip-hop drums are sick- very progressive.
The piano is really nice too.

The only thing i would say is that your mix may have hit red at some point or another.

Overall, its a really good song, great job!

Maverlyn responds:

many thx