Reviews for "Boss Theme - WIP"


i felt like a bear runnin through quiet woods while being chased by zombies
dis is the MOST epic song

c(^.^c) epic c(^.^c)



j écris le message en français mais je m en fou , c est excellent !

Maverlyn responds:


Sounds really good!

Music like this is what gives video games the feeling of what a video should actually sound like. This is very epic. It's just a slight repetitive, but other then that it's really good.

Maverlyn responds:

:) thats why its still Work In Progress, But im glad to see it's good in most peoples opinions. if i ever go pro, im going to dedicate more time to my music.

this theme is the definition of BAD@$$

i love how its awsome straight from the beginning. and it keeps like that throughout the whole song