Reviews for "Boss Theme - WIP"


I like it ^ ^ its nice... starts a little slow but meh... dont bother me much.... what game is this WIF?... i like how it feels.... listenable... if ya know what i mean ^ ^ Its a compliment.... Also im sorry for your loss...

Keep up your work... and why not make a tribute song to your friend ^ ^ i would love to se what a song with your heat poured nto it would be like

Maverlyn responds:

I released a song: * In memory of our lost * to his honor.


This is like, way too awesome. I would love do see this well used in something.

Maverlyn responds:

as wuld i ^^

THIS.. IS....

not sparta.. but, MAD EPIC :O..! to me, the hip-hop-ish part doesnt matter atall... it kinda throws some kickass on top of the kickass epicness.... sorry though... no constructive words from me today ^^''

Maverlyn responds:

as long as you like it im happy :)


Plain and simply epic.
I'm sorry for your loss.

Maverlyn responds:

thank you. :)

Fantastic o:

I thought it was excellent. Loud, deep, and gives that "bring it on" feeling.

I really, really wish the hip-hop percussion wasn't added. It takes away from the song quite a bit, the contemporary style seems to clash with them.

Maverlyn responds:

in the second version i can remove it.