Reviews for "Boss Theme - WIP"

This what i saw

The wind howls the smoke clears he stands up dirt covered face he scans the area
only bits of fire and dust remain.He looks forward his brain lurchs theres nothing left but emotion just the instinc to finish what hes started the person standing in front of him with a blood covered face only to have a unaturel smile he picks his sword up from the ground.This is all he has all that he knows he takes one step his enmey prepares to block an acttack but only sees nothing front of him only him standing behind how could he be so fast?Before he could think blood bursts from his stomch in shock he falls to his knees then his head hits the dirt he can feel somthing cold but comforting in the heat but its his own blood his vision starts to blur.The last thing he sees is the hero...he pauses the person walking away earned that title the hero walks only moving forward in an emtpy land no idea where to go but froward.

Maverlyn responds:

Cool story bro!

Can I use this?

Hey Maverlyn, can I use this theme for a video on my DSi?
This music is really good, and I'd like to use it for my DSi. Can I use it? I will give credit to you, plus I really like this.
Beginning: Epik.
Middle: :D The final battle. :D
Ending: Dance club!!!
XD I really like this.

Maverlyn responds:

Heheh of course you can :P that's why i upload music to NG

Hmm how do I say this?

Oh, I know: JESUS CHRIST THIS IS COOL! There, that should do it.

I think this would do well in a cutscene too. Or the second part could be a sweet intro, with just a little adaptation for that setting. Or credits. I could see myself fighting the final boss during an extended version of the first part, and then hearing part 2 over the credits.

I now have both versions

I am happy now and have to say for an older song this makes me wanna dance a bit!


P.s. Coffee+Your music= one happy person
Sorry about your friend it's always hard to deal with losing someone you care deeply about.

Your friend, Omega24000

Maverlyn responds:

That was a while ago but thank you :) i appreciate the concern.

Keep being awsome!


I feel like a royal guard, standing in the front lines, ready to defend my fortress from enemy forces... and looking BADASS WHILE DOING SO.

Definitely would make an excellent boss theme. It seems like a better final boss theme, though.

Maverlyn responds:

thanks :D