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Reviews for "Ten Commandments"


That was awesome. It really was. This deserves first daily place. Shame it didn't get it. All I have to say is that Tankmen 2 had better be pretty bloody good, That's for sure.

Pretty Bloody Good.

that was pretty bloody good, the concpet was good and the humor was very pleasing. I enjoyed this also for the somewhat jewish humor. the graphics were good, style was great, sounds were fine,
hardly enough violence. Could've gone further with it, or longer.
Total - 8, pretty bloody good.


Very nice flash, i dont get in depth like everyone else but it just wanna say it was really funny oh and XXX_LUVER. I agree with the other guys, i doubt the artist is going to hell for a flash he made, lighten up ya know god has a sense of humor too and probably watches clock flashes.

nice job

first off Phaeroth, religion is not crap so dont insult it and secondly nice movie thank god sum1 has put something religous on ng good work

Hell yeah

I am christian just like the enraged guy before, but DAMN that was a kickass flash. You just need a sense of humor.