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Reviews for "Ten Commandments"

One of the better Clockday animations!

I havn't seen many of the Clockday animations this year, because I've been a bit busy, but out of the ones I've seen, this one is one of the best. The first part with the crocodile was hilarious. Great job!



Best Movie I Saw All Clock Day.

ToadClock responds:

Thanks! That's really saying something considering the amazingly awesome submissions I've seen by Strange, Crust, and SherClock.

lol cool, looking forward to more

hehe his staff turned into snake... that was the best

dude, wow.

Absolutely amazing, keep up the good work.

To Make An Egyptian Metaphor...

This flash was a perfect capstone for the "Pyramid" that is Clockday '06. A good strong flash to finish off my day. Thank you for making it. The art is gorgeous... the water effects are especially reminiscent of the Brackenwood movies (which is a good thing). It was very nicely animated as well.

You show great potential, ToadClock! I am eager to get to know you better in the days to come. Happy B-lated Clock Day!

ToadClock responds:

Happy Clockday!
Strawberry bless us! Everyone!