Reviews for "Ten Commandments"


FYI: stop wasting ur life going oh jebus i love you because god doesnt exist


All worship the Blastpheming Clocks, lol, obviously a 5

that was hilarious

That was a great flash and definitely worth the wait
The character voices were what made laugh throughout the
entire thing

nicely done

Halilujah for Clock Day

I'm an atheist

And I loved every second of this awesome flash! I agree that over half of all clock movies out their aren't worth a crap. But this one has restored my "faith" in clock flashes. Nice job, your getting a five. And anybody who doesn't like it needs to lighten up. It's a damn flash for fuck sake!

Great. Diffrent than expected though, still loved

I expected it to be a movie about what not to do, you know some one stealing, murdering, all that bad jazz; But know it was great. they got in some important parts that i thaught they would have missed. my fave part was the unexpected Aligator. Good Job.
With Love,