Reviews for "Ten Commandments"

nice job

first off Phaeroth, religion is not crap so dont insult it and secondly nice movie thank god sum1 has put something religous on ng good work

Hell yeah

I am christian just like the enraged guy before, but DAMN that was a kickass flash. You just need a sense of humor.

Could use some help, but ive seen worse.

graphics: ... its a bunch of floating fruits. at least it isnt a bunch of floating lines :/

style: religious crap? in a flash movie? FOR ONCE! SOMETHING SOMEWHAT ORIGINAL!!!

sound: .... .... the music at the end was good, but WTF was up with the voices? I MEAN WTF????

violence: ... pulling out a doublebarrel shotgun and shooting a guy whos coughing? aaand the whipping, and everything else that isnt important. but was funny.

interactivity: the play button. YAY!!

humor: seen better, seen worse, aw screw it, why bother saying the commandments when everyone is having a party :P

oh yea and to the previous guy, just because its something you dont like doesnt mean
A: you have to watch it. if you dont like it, dont watch it.

B: dude, its called ANGER PILLS. TAKE THEM. PLEASE.

Woah! That Was Amazing!

It was a Clock Flash, but it was incredible! DOES NOT COMPUTE! Great job! I loved everything: the graphics, the cartoony style, the music selection, the Metal Gear reference, the pause and play button, the jokes. Just overall incredible. Fantastic job.


good movie man i watched it a second time by the way who was the first baby if the socond one was moses iv read the bible before man