Reviews for "ClockCrew Collab - Light!"

worst clockcrew. eeeevvaaaarrerrerarr.

crap. but, since i dont wanna get this review bllamamamated, some of it was ok. but the song, omoooomooomg. awful. ok. now for some construction of you through my criticism. try to get something cool in there, like boobs. remember for next year. same thing, add boobs. perfect

Sonucais responds:

Idiot, that's it. And that crew is not having any other collab from me never again, right?
Thinking in two, this was #2 best of all time for a day, go figure. Newgrounds.com/mature/

Yeah that was pure win and awesome

I really loved this animation. And great work with the parts that we're a tribute to Nightmare City. It was a great animation all across the board


i didn't really like the music that much, and i wasn't AS impressed as i have been in the past. Still though, good work dude

Very good!

The animation went really well with the music!
Lots of action with some comedy sprinkled in.
Very impressed!
Sorry about the late ass review though lol!
Still recommend watching this though!
It's a great collab!

A fine collab indeed

All the parts were well animated all though not all of them were interesting.
The song was okay too.
I found this collab to be pretty enjoyable.
And that commercial for stop all sounds wasn't bad either.