Reviews for "ClockCrew Collab - Light!"

very good

esta es una de las animacines que hacen que uno se inspire..,algo unico.

Todas las colaboraciones de Clock Day son de exelente calidad.
Eso es desir mucho,yo no soy un reloj...tal vez un dia lo sea.

All I gotta say is ^^

This is one of my favorite flash movies, by far my favorite clock movie. I was sad i missed clock day this year though :<

Sonucais responds:

But you can still check the movies, lol.

Great Movie

I'm not going to rant about the movie, that was fine, but the history of the locks is incorrect, The Locks were formed as a joke, by the Blam Crew to annoy the clock crew, afterwards after BannanaClock was removed from his moderator status, he decided to take it seriously and formed the Lock Legion, BannanaClock is now BannanaLock, Along with other members of the clock crew who turned to the locks.

Sonucais responds:

What you said is right, but Tom Fulp was not going to write is a ClockCrew rip-off. It's a rip-off like too many other crews. The end. Btw, I didn't made the Author comments.

ummm, wow!

I liked it, but it was a little... crude. the violence was pretty cool, but who were those the clocks were fighting? Locks, some crappy spin off group? it seemed a little like meaningless violence, but was still really damn cool.

Sonucais responds:

Read those long author comments to get your reply ;)

Great messege at the end for that flash.

Great work from all of you guys. Emm... Nothing more to say than keep up da good work!

Sonucais responds: