Reviews for "ClockCrew Collab - Light!"

Simply fantasticc

This is easily the best flash music video I've seen. The various styles of all you clocks flowed seamlessly. It's what everyone says - you can't kill StrawberryClock, and no matter what those fags, the Lock Legion, do, your star will shine brighter.

I've always loved this animation.

Ever since Sonucais showed me this in 2006, I was obsessed with the song and how freakin' awesome Clock Crew is. Proud to be a Wannabe Clock.


That Was...

Too Beautiful For Words Awsome Job Guys...

Although the LL is indeed a ripoff

The only faggotry emitted for ages has been directed towards the LL, most members of the CC have been needlessly unkind.
About the flash, it's awesome.

oh my crapin god

this is better than the megaman collab thrilling exciting, reliogous, this is one of the must see flashes of the new year 2008 congrats to allof tawl who help make this flash.