Reviews for "ClockCrew Collab - Light!"


DAMN!! I can't belive..H-O-W A-W-E-S-O-M-E THIS WUUUZ!!!!!
... "wounderful"....But I still won't add me to the CC...A HA HA HA...uh..damn...awesome!

Sonucais responds:

Complain this was from 2006. We're now in the year 2009, the crew it's not the same and I would not join.

Most excellent!

Great music and animation, both combine for this fantastic collab which is great!
Where did you find 403 Forbiddena MP3s/CD? I've been looking for some for ages!

Sonucais responds:

From the official site.

Pretty amazing

JAY. Finally A Heineken beer clock, that's about time guy's. I'm not alway's a fan of the "clock"Ways, but this flash was pretty good. Nice animation and lot's of clockyness.
The music was pretty funny, because I really lost all direction and did not really see the connection between the flash and the sound. Normally that's a bad thing, but when it's a clock flash it's ok.
Especially when you have one of those "I need to kill time moments" there is nothing better then to lose yourself in a flash you don't understand 0_o.

Anyway say no to digital clocks and keep up the good work :D


A cool music video, and about the clock crew. Epic!

Hell yeah i'm voting 5!

I actually stumbled across this a year or so ago, and have seen it many times since then. it kicks ass!