Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"


this was realy good but i still don't understand why there's a muppet in there :D

TurdClock responds:

Search for "Pube Muppet" and all your wildest dreams will come true.

good musiek

good musiek en de movoe good two


Amazing.. favorited. Just perfect turd... truly what the clockcrew stands for and for the ignorant few to review this, especially to mr. "strawberryclock will never be king of the portal, but maybe another clock" umm..ok? If it wasn't for strawberry's B there wouldn't be a clock to be king of the portal, there wouldn't be a clockcrew. Which basically makes Strawberryclock king of the portal, without him turdclock nor many other clocks wouldn't exist neither the "maybe another clock" clock. Your review made no sense, you failed. Amazing job turd, you put so much effort, 5/5.

Loved it and was so true, shame I can't be a part of what you are and have, that special gift of being part of the clockcrew. Once again, amazing job. I loved it, you shall remain a favorite to me out of the clocks, next to strawberry, for him who made the special clockcrew. The king of the portal <3

Awesome animation.

The clocks, some people hate them some people love them, I am neither, people that hate clocks put a 0 on all their movies only because that they are clockmovies they don't even watch them. Same is for the people that love clocks, they just but a 5 on everyone even if they suck.

I like this movie because of it's good animation content and awesome sound plus some of the graphical work.

This is NOT a humerous movie, it's a celebration movie to a 5 year old newgrounds phenomena. Whatever if you like clocks or not (personally i don't care strawberryclock and consider Tom Fulp to be the real King of the Portal) they WILL stay.

Turdclock, you are a good animator and i take of my hat to thank you for a good animation.
I just hope that the clocks that DO crappy animations will follow your example.


I partly agree with sharpnova- You cant really call that humor, or say theres a plot. I like the clock crew, but all turdclock seems to do is make himself suffer- I dont really call that humor. Nice adoration of B, but past that...

TurdClock responds:

I never called it humor.