Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"

I love it.

I truly love it.


nice, turdclock

i like it! all hail the B!

I love you turd ^^

(Never thought I would say those words in my life)

I love your flash so much, long live B ^^


Extremly good although the only thing I felt missing was you missed a huge chance at the end of the song for strawberry to go "What are you, gay?" to turd, now that would of been funny right before cut to credits.

I realise what you were going for and it rocked, very nicely done.


where'd you get those awsome Drill Instructor sounds from Full metal jacket ! plz share your knowledge master, your voice is amazing too :)

TurdClock responds:

I got them from the movie Full Metal Jacket. Pretty obvious aye? :)

Thanks for the review.