Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"


Clocks with mouths!!! Good job turd, that's why ur on my fav flash artists list!

really really good

happy clockday turd clock

your my fav clock u and crust clock

very funny and a strnog ending and no I am not gay.

happy late clockday,

Awesome, man!

You crack some many funny jokes, like the family, freinds fags line, and the gay cab driver! Keep it up!

Amazing Feeling :D

This flash were ablsolutly fantastic and gives the real clockcrew feeling!

"Family, friends, Fags" XD

Extremly funny whit great grapichs and sounds!

Please make more of theese absolutley great flash that gives me the clockcrew feeling :D


This actually sent shivers through my spine - great use of the song at the end, and kudos on using Journy! Best Clockday submition by far.