Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"


I found tree clock


This was a very good video wiht a wonderful twist to the real plot but there were a few things I did not understand
1. why was all the writing in the pictures in german
2. why did the clocks not speak in a clok voice
but above all that it was vwery good keep up the great work on the clock videos!

What an amazing book!

I so enjoyed this book/flash,the story and dialogue fit perfectly for an actualy book along with the pictures and the narrarator did a great job telling the story as well,one of my new favorite clock flashes. ^_^


Wow that was the best i have 2 say i loved it. it was AWSOME

It's Incredible!!

It's been quite a long while since I have seen a Flash from StrangeClock , and now I know what I have missed over 2 years. I shouldv'e saw this long ago!! It reminds me hugely of RupeeClock's work, I just love this Flash! I mean for one StrawberryClock, was amazed when he made the account and created his single-frame Flash, "B". And I love how everything in this Flash represents that. I mean the artwork and paintings represent Flash cartoons the museum represents Newgrounds, and the day of art represents Clock Day. That's why I like this Flash. The only reason why I didn't give it a 10 is because of the way the Flash is made. Not a whole lot of people would appriciate its storybook-like animation. But it is still very rememberable, I will watch this a second time someday.