Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"

Wanna hear the story of my Internet Life!

Well it all started in 2007!, When i discovered a website called Youtube!, I saw cool videos on it!, And it was awesome!, But one year!, I saw an amazing Video on Youtube!, It has a link that someone put it on a different website!, It was called Newgrounds!, It was so awesome!, One year later!, At Youtube!, I joined Youtube!, One month later!, On the End of July!, I joined Newgrounds!, I write some reviews!, Then one day!, I saw cool awesome collectable things called Newgrounds Medals!, I gain some!, But then i got a lot of Newgrounds Medals!, Meanwhile At Youtube!, Sadly i shut down my 3 old Youtube accounts!, And i made another one called "MichaelyarREMAKE", Then one year later!, I got my Youtube account back!, My first one!, A few months later!, In August 15th, 2010!, I saw a cool flash which is about me!, That i was awesome!, Then i made a lot of reviews on Newgrounds!, Then i made Audio Reviews on Newgrounds!, So that is the story of my Internet Life which is about Youtube and Newgrounds! :D



Lol, its on swedish :P

The movie rocked, well thinked with the story, all hail the B!
Swedish Translation: Filmen ägde, mycket bra tänkt med historien, alla skal knä böja för B!



B! I Love you B!
Amazing B! I want to play B!


B.B.B.B.B. Giant B

A moving story

This should be on Reading Rainbow