Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"

it was clocktastic

but clock day was not made in 2006 it was 2009 so these video was made in 2009 not 2006 so i hope u change the date on the on the book ps. im not mad

Entertaining from beginning to end.

I loved the plot of your animation, it was a very creative twist you made to retell the tale of Clock Day. I thought the animating was nicely done, but seeing still pictures got boring after a while, even if they were pages in a storybook. I remember seeing StrangeClock do something similar to this, was he your inspiration for creating this? It was an amusing piece I'm glad I could watch.

I was impressed by your talent at voices, I like how you made it sound like Tom was on the phone during his part in the story. My favorite joke you said was the one about Foot Locker, I was cracking up, the cat and dog one also gave me a laugh. Thanks for spreading the Clock Day message around the internet. Have a great Clock Day and keep up the nice work!

What a great story!

~~~Good Points~~~
~ The story was amazing, kept me hooked throughout
~ The option to stop and start the book flips was very good
~ The story narration was nice and smooth
~ The page flips were nice and smooth
~ The actual drawings on the pages were very well drawn
~ The whole thing just came together perfectly!

~~~Bad Points~~~
~ N/A

~ N/A

~~~Other Comments~~~
~ I like these types of flash, with the story telling and such. I suppose it just hows how much of a kid I am huh?
~ I loved the story too with this one, it really kept me hooked for some reason. I really wanted to know what happened.
~ I'm sorry this review is a copy and past of one of my others...Another user stole this flash and placed it as their own, I didn't know that until afterwards.

~ I'm giving you 10/10 stars and voting 5

Happy Clock Day 2009!


Very nice.

A very enjoyable story. Such a masterpiece...


Awesome book!It would make a good children's story.