Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"

I love the storybook opening. I thought I would have to click everything in the beginning. I could see this being a real picture book. Well, without the swearing. I especially loved the jokes insulting the people who didn't like it. I think this was the biggest Clock Day ever.

A pity it never got better. It actually is kind of an uplifting story. It shows how you can always make friends who appreciate you. I still don't remember Clock Day 2002-2004. Glad we got what we got.

B, B, B, B, B.
B, B, B.

Giant B~

Grooving in my head

Very nice! Heartwarming and informative.

that was just amazing man lol it was realy heartwarming and very well done


each generation the parents shall show thier kids of clock day story, about the hitler worshipping shoe masturbating people of hate and of theclocks who praised it.. and those kids thier own kids and so on.