Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"

A piece of Clock Day perfection.

What a brilliant, simple, and elegant way to start the day. This was a creative, well-written story detailing the origins of B. Perfect.

StrangeClock responds:

Thank you very much. Happy Clock Day!


No LOTC? Or maybe....you have just begun. DUN DUN DUNNN.

Nice job on your flash growing wings!

Your submission was protected, to no surprise! Very nice flash. Keep saving us from the bad clock submissions!

Nice artwork, decent little story

I'm curious though, on the illustrations, is the watercolor appearence done manually, or with some sort of photoshop.

Are the illustrations of vector or raster?

StrangeClock responds:

The illustrations are vector, they're overlayed with a light texture I made myself by filling a piece of paper with a black marker and scanning it. Happy Clock Day!

Definately front page material.

Great artwork, speech, and style all mixed together. Excellent movie, I have never seen anything like this before. Humor wise, there were a few jokes in there, but that wasn't the point. I liked how pressing space to pause the movie was convienient, other than right-click then play. No violent material in here. Through the whole movie I didn't even hear one crackle from a microphone. Graphics were superb; far better than any average flash movie. And lastly, the style, I don't think I've ever seen a flash movie in a form of a book.

This needs to be frontpaged. I'm looking forward to many Clock Day 2006 submissions.

Happy Clock Day 2006!

StrangeClock responds:

Thanks very much for your kind comments! Happy Clock Day!