Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"

loved it

Graphics: 7- Very smooth and well made
Style: 9- Its a picture book! can't go wrong!
Sound: 8- The narrator was the perfect one. Reminded me of Winnie the Pooh a little
violence: 0- no violence
interactivity: 0- no inveractivity
humor: 2- the slipping of curse words made me giggle
Overall: 9- loved it as I've said. Although I'm still a little confused because I thought Strawberry Clock was hated. Well by some I guess... ^^;

Hi Strange!

Before I give the internet a rest after an amazing day even though knowing clock crew I'm cutting the day short, I just thought I should post one more review for this.

You are a genius. This flash should be watched by anyone who doesn't understand the cc. The choice of clocks you used is also genius, especially Onion.

This is the spirit of CC in a lovely nuttshell and it should be made into a children's book. I think it would inspire kids to not feel bad about being criticised for their work (whatever it might be) and continue to do what they love. because it's what comes out of it that work that counts and who it motivates and encourages.

Critic's can be brutal but in the long run it's amazing how little they no what they are talking about. Especially on Newgrounds. :P

Thank you for yet another beautiful flash. Clock Crew is lucky to have you.

StrangeClock responds:

Thanks very much man. I hope you had a great Clock Day.

That was great

That was great!

Happy five every clock movie day!

Once again you have revolutionized flash animation by changing the way weview it. You seem to do this every month or so. Stop it. It makes all of my other favorite movies obsolete.
I enjoyed the way you flipped from an elegant manner of wordplay to vulgar insults, I love when people do that, its one of my favorite techniques. Did you draw all of those pages in flash or did you use another program? Either way it turned out great, I expect you to amaze me untill I vomit, cry, and ejaculate all at the same time with you next movie, dont let me down
best regards, Flounderman

StrangeClock responds:

hee hee thanks Flounderman. It was all drawn in Flash, just overlayed with a texture to make it look painted-like.

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I will vote 5 only beacuse it has swedish content in it.

Heja sverige. k