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Reviews for "SBC's Great Adventure"

.... 0_0

hummm......LOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL CHEW CHEW! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! but ya it was great and aquared enought but it was great and great submiton for clockday '06
keep'm comen boys more clocks to come for '06

Wonchop responds:

aquared enought?


Luke de Ayora that voiced link in the return of ganondorf
raped the clocks on their adventure?!!

O___O Thats insane.

aka. Jurassic Night Fiend.

Wonchop responds:

Heh, oh that Luke.

Well hooray

that was pretty funny, I wasn't expecting that kind of an ending. Made me laugh.

I know Luke de Ayora voiced link in the return of ganondorf, but why is he sexually abusing the gentlemen with clockfaces?

Wonchop responds:

Cos he luuuurves Clocks. (See 'Luke in Clockland' for proof)

I liked it!

This was a good submission. Good animation and Grafix, sound and voice acting. And the ending...classic! :) Good luck with your future animations. i loved this one.

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D

I liked this

I really liked this! it was funny! great voice acting and character placement etc. Good Job!

Wonchop responds: