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Reviews for "SBC's Great Adventure"



Hee hee.

I first saw this on deviantART. I wish you used Speakonia for SBC's voice. Maybe it could have made it funny. OMG Even TurdClock himself made a review on this movie. 1337!! Nice to see that Turdy reviewed it!! Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaaaa a!!!



Nice art and animation,

Very nice artwork and good use of color and shades of detail, and the animation flowed smooth very nice effort on this my only thing about this was that it was abit short, anyways nice job.

Short but nice animation.



Hahaha, this is the fucking funniest thing I've seen all day! Stupid damn clocks.

The mayonaise was a 'little' off, but Strawberry Clock is so far past his sell by date he's producing enough penicillin for a third world country. Clocks...aren't funny. I hate them. I just really do.

And you ought to give Curly Sam more rants. He reminds me of my nan. And of course, nothing is more entertaining than listening to old people endlessly complain about things they hate or can't remember. "Fucking chav bastards"