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Reviews for "SBC's Great Adventure"


thats all I have to say ... Clock

Happy Clock Day to all (soon)

Wonchop responds:


as good as a clock movie gets

loved the ending! funny shite!!1

Wonchop responds:


Pretty Bad

It wasn't funny at all and the voice was annoying and I don't find rape funny at all. The animation was pretty lame, but the graphics made it seem good.

Wonchop responds:

Rape not funny? BLASPHEMY!!! =U

you earned my five

this was pretty retarted, but thats my kind of flash video! :) thnaks for filling my 2 and a half minuites of usless time.

Wonchop responds:

Hooray for fans of retardation

Well, that caught me off.

That was a really shocking ending. And as for the preloader, I heard you weren't allowed to use it until CLock Day. But seeing that you won't be there, I guess it's okay.

I liked the graphics. Very clear and good to look at, and I liked all of your character models. It would be nice if it was longer, but with an ending like that, I'm so sure (just joking Wonchop).

Good voice acting. I was glad you didn't use Speakonia, and it was a good change of pave. Not much sound synching, because there were no mouths to synch it with.

Not much violence or interactivity, but some good humor. Good for a chuckle, and that's it. Not much replay value, maybe watch it once or twice.

Overall, good quick little flash, but shame it's not on CLock Day. Responses appreciated.
Grade: B

Wonchop responds:

Well after a few warnings from people who don't incur wrath I changed the swf. It's the old NG preloader now.