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Reviews for "SBC's Great Adventure"

For the love of god

Wantcock, Piconjo Pwns Joo.

Stop rEsitsisTsiTsing and cum tord the light that is teh PICONJO

Wonchop responds:

How about I don't


we all know the reason you submitted early was so you could win an award. WE KNOWS IT WONCHAP!

Wonchop responds:

Oh noes, my evil plans have been ruined...
Grow up

Sorry, but not good as far as Clockday goes...

I'll overlook the "Submitted early" part because you will be gone the rest of the week, and you changed the official ClockDay 06 preloader to your generic one. However I didn't find the movie funny, and your voice acting is questionable. The voices used were annoying and monotone enough that using speakonia would almost be an improvement. Also the "Turd Clock as bitch" has been done many time before, as well as most of the attempted jokes, so I can't give a whole lot of points for originality.
Sorry, but not very good, even for Clockday.
Also why can't you give a friend your account so that he can upload the submission under your name?

Wonchop responds:

I prefer the personal touch.

I feel bad you didn't change the preloader...

fast enough, as you will have to go through the trouble of resubmitting this... oh well nice movie wonchop.

Wonchop responds:



Good job like always Wonchop!

Wonchop responds: