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Reviews for "the classroom 3"

ceo of not cheating
Anyway I love this game because it reminds me of the riddle school series by jonbro.

That blue man(Kid?) just like me >:D

God, the nostalgia. I loved this series. Also anyone know the main menu song?

I was a big fan of The Classroom 1 and 2. Looking back, it's clear you really perfected polishing up the game for the final installment. The graphics look super smooth, especially compared to other games from '06.

Gameplay-wise not much has changed, but not much needed to. The formula works, although I think the last game is a bit short in terms of how many actual levels there are, and the plot is also less interesting. I think the biggest change that should have been made was maybe make it so your character copies automatically when in range, rather than using the mouse button (which is a super weird system.) It might also have been cool to have an actual copying system, like QTEs to copy answers when in range.

Good game