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Reviews for "the classroom 3"

Great follow up to a great game

I played the first 2 of these dozens of times and wait for this one for a long while. Glad to see it is here in all its glory.

And to the reviewer that had trouble with the tutorial, you dont just click the mouse, you have to use the arrow keys and move your character(the blue guy) to the geek(yellow guy) and then click to copy of him

Game Doesnt work

I tried the tutorial and the game itself and when I click the mouse, the red bar is not moving and neither is my character. I dont think its my comp, so wuts good? It looks like a good game but I can't play it.

It was awesome!

It was awesome! The music fits perfectly with the situations!
Too bad that the series stops!
But at everything there comes a end!


i was a fan of the previous games so i liked it inmediatly but this one was more fun
i liked the sneak thing altough it's very unlikely that you don't see someone in the dark
but besides that it was a great game
the end was funny
and voilence only the punch but you can't call that voilence so overall 9 is a great grade

the best game i have played so far

the story line was good. i liked the night bit when u had to snek in and out of the shadows and the bit at the very end