Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Oh, that's just peachy.

This upsets me because, while the entire project was probably hard to do and expensive, it only got 2nd place. D:

Good work, I wish I could've contributed. Was this some sort of artist's random free-for-all? If we wanted we could've emailed you our drawings of something on a paperbag? Meh, I suck.



it was ok i guess, some of the scketches were pretty good while others were just like WTF? anyway it was good. not the best but still interesting to see

Cool project

Very nice idea, well executed to boot...


omfg that was the best sketshbook i ever saw
(PS:go belgium;"zalige tekening gast")that was dutch
ment the belgium guy

Beautiful work from everyone.

And I thought I was good at drawing... if only I could draw as well as that. Maybe I should have a go and get upstaged next year... Anyway great work guys and congrats to all those who took part.