Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


I so want in on this next year.
I may still only be learning flash in order to make my first movie, but sketching, that I can do WELL.

This was beautiful.


I would have liked to have been a part of this. I never got an email back.... I'm not bitter or anything.... Just kidding. It was a great idea for a project.


...It was nothing how i thought it would be and i dont think that is a good thing

wow this was really good

this was really enjoyable i love it, i also love tacos with muffins in them on top of dragons. yes. that about sums it up


Many nice pics here. Stamper you crazy weirdo, thats what i got to say when your pic showed up XD

Damn, i wish i couldve spent time making a pic too so i could send it in. I guess i just missed out. Bah, ill try doing it next year, f there ever will be another sketchbook collab again -_-