Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

All my tens are belong to this!

At one point I almost starting skiping to fast through each peice. But that would be disrespectful. So i found myself deep in thought with each and every peice. Except fulps crapasouras.

Prepare to be amazed

A brief review of everyone's contribution to this marvelous sketchbook
I-Mockery: I love it. Everything from the insistence of filling the page to the cramped corners to the honest and brutal statement of the world ng is turning into 9.8/10
DS8181: I like the corners. I think the composition needs a little work. Balence the skill instead, because the left side definitely stands out as worse. Good creativity for 15 year old. Ink 8.1/10
-POXPOWER-: I sure hope that's a shadow. I like the detailed foreground mixed with a simplistic background. The dent lines stand out 9.2/10
Denvish: And the Good Lord saw this and said, "What?" Denvish, once again demonstrating the ability to take things too seriously. 3d like, nice design, and awesome sig. Could've taken more of the page 9.9/10
DZY2566: Nice. Very Strange and creative scene. Though it's wrong to take off points just because you don't understand it. I think the different features were too connected by lines. filled to the holes 8.9/10
Glael_Gamer: Points for color and good fade away towards the ends of the page make up for simplistic idea. Reminds me of one of your games, though they're much better 8.2/10
-Zoy- : I love collages! Especially when everythings drawn and in color. good work at covering all the brown 9.3/10
Johnny_Kaysys: Very good. The main character is a little flat. But it has a lot of good effort in it with value and color 8.4/10
AFRONINJA: If you weren't Afroninja, I'd... Aw well. What choice do I have 8/10
Aloneinthedark: You would do something like this. An extravagant scene with a single vagrant with an unknown purpose. vintage aloneinthedark 9.7/10
StreakyDesign: Odd, that's all I can say 7.9/10
ChesirePus: Where have you been? I've seen you all over the place but I must've never taken a second glance. Very well done and strange scene. lovely 3d feel with full (well not full blooded) but something else character. I thought you were bmk for a sec 9.4/10
Chulaid: Adam the great. Your name alone gets points. Bits of oddity dashed around Exactly what a sketchbook is supposed to be. I especially like the realism in the animals 9.2/10
BMK: Knew from the second i saw it it was you. Very creepy. Like the edges of the paper, and the style isn't simply ink. Not really sure myself. Oil Pastel? 9/10
Conair: Interesting ideas. Little dreamland sequence. Good 8.4/10
JMTBO2:No idea what it is but it's really well executed. Still not sure whether to be disturbed or be laughing help me out 8.7/10
JotandJab: As always, Dave your the man, nice big thick pen*I give you permission to use that* 7.7/10
British_Moose: Old collab buddy nice work. Not really sure what you did here, but then again I never really get some of the things you do.
I like everything except for the circles of the machine. 8.2/10
Thistler: I like dots so I'll give you some points. I have no idea what a glass pen is and how it differs from the regular, so in case I'm missing something sry. Good sig in the corner 7.9/10
-Fuzz-: Nice. Good splotchy/artsy geometric style with the mountain. Give the smaller guy a shadow 8.3/10
Gabe_Devlin: Guy looks like gonzo. I like the mousehole and all the random signs and question marks on the walls and desk. Good style 8.6/10
Sqeezy: Nice job. I really like the sudden value, it makes a lot of it look 3d and under a plastic wrap effect. Good artwork 9.1/10
-Luis-: wow. really like this one. Looks like one of those comic ads from the 60's, kinda thing I'd like to get tattooed on me 9.9/10
Krinkels: I don't know whether to praise you for doing such a great sketch or curse you for not having art like this in your madness series. Girl looks pretty hot. + points! 9.3/10
-Fenix-: The greatest thing you've done since your sig. Colored Pencil? You would do that. I like the randomness and simple distinctions between all of them 9/10
FetusEater: Very weird and original I like 9/10
Fierras: Very strange, but artwork is good 8.2/10
BlueBaby: love it. like something outta suess 9.6/10
ItAppearsIveRunOutOfLetters tobecontinued


Hah this project was very successful.
Yes, we had our ups and downs but yet we pulled through in the end.

To be a picky prick, I gotta say one thing. Is it that hard to spell my last name right? Hah, It's Ruediger not Rudgier, Luis. This was an amazing piece of work though.

To make it better I think you should maybe add some music into eh? Since I really need to be entertained with some music or something...other than the artwork.

I liked how this expressed everyone's ideas and opinions. My entry was pretty crappy I admit it, but next year I would put more effort into this.

Well til next year!,
-Sean Ruediger [not sean rudgier]
hah I'm such an ass.

P.S. GOOD JOB =D have fun claiming your daily award and front page viewing..and probably over 100K views >_>

it's a very good game

the game give mutch info about newgrounds and i like that


I like the fact you had many people around the world openly share their views through drawing. Its a united project.