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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

Came back to this game after a few years away from Newgrounds, because I was damn sure I heard Dan's VA in a video recently on youtube, and had to come check to see if it was actually the same.

Still love this game and the rest of the series.

So wait, did he remember to bring a bible to his anti-terrorist hideyhole but he forgot A HUMAN BEING? Also, why is it that after everything that's happened he's only concerned about a damn matchbox?

Wow, haven't played this one in ages! Hahah, almost forgot all the one liners in this XD

God, I love this game! I played it so long ago but I can still play it again and actually have fun with it. Also, plot twist is very good. Animation is meh, but it gets better.

I really like this game, one thing that I want to say, is this some kind of the anime game????