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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

Another great puzzler. I love the intrigue.

I liked the storytelling in this one a lot. The shooting stage was a nice twist, and it was well-executed, balanced, and easy to comtrol even though I was unexpectedly thrust into it.

Dialogue was great. I especially enjoyed the quote when he first looked in the mirror. Finding the matches was pretty annoying, though. I assumed since I couldn't see them after they fell to the floor, that they no longer existed in the game. Had to read the FAQ for that one.

I'm begining to sense that all of your point & click adventures will involve clicking the edges of furniture to find neccessary, hideen stuff. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Good game

A good game.

how much i love this game

i love this game

Hey, isn't that... ?

Took me forever to find the s******g.
Is the main character voiced by the same guy who voices Batman (in the latest animation series?)... or am I going mad? :o)


Excellent game. I've seen a lot of this style of gaming, but they never seem to end. The twist at the end was a very nice touch. Nice job.