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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

I did not understand the ending. I'm not piqued enough to try it again to see if I can save the girl. So is the ending that I'm the kidnapper instead of the rich person? A key hidden in a fake finger, which is kept in a wallet. Ooookkkkkk. Contrived, anyone? Well, at least it's not one of those bathroom escape type games where I can't figure out what I need to do to win and just give up, it was a challenge but not too much of a challenge to proceed through. Why is my memory gone then? By the way, unless it was a really low power 22 caliper bullet, a bullet would puncture way deeper through that book, if not completely go through it. There was something about that on mythbusters at some point, shooting books with various kinds of bullets, though I don't know if that was by the summer of 2006. July 31 2006, a very bad day for me, and this was 6 days earlier....

I thought this would be in the first in the "Trapped" series. I may in fact like this more. I'm not much of a point and click adventure game, but it was nice. Yes, that was meant to be in reference to the quote about the Bible stated here. I thought it really did have some good gameplay. I shouldn't have been expecting to find anything too good in the toilet.

I love the voice you used and it's quite familiar. Sadly, I don't think this guy is here anymore. It's nice to have a game that's easy to understand, but not too easy itself. At least this guy won't make his room dirty if he's trapped there. I can see why this has so many views.

This game is great! It's atmosphere is really captivating. It has a good storyline with a SPOILER plot twist at the end /SPOILER It is really fun, not just a boring point and click game, it has a shooting scene. Although it could have made the shootout part better with the option to hide in cover, and reload. A thing bad with this is it is a game that cant really be replayed.

Too much talking not enough actual game. And not having text to go along with the narration is both annoying and discriminatory against the deaf and hard of hearing. All in all, not worth the short time it takes to finish.

The game was fairly good, Music was quite exciting, the voice acting was excellent even to this day, the art style was awkward but decent