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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

Nicely done

Cool soundtrack
Friendly item interface

Constructive Criticism (Negatives):
A few spelling errors
Voice acting seems a tad stiff (i.e. when you examine the locked drawer in the bedroom, "Lock-Tuh")
Reload for the shooting sequence would add suspense

need some help ur in luck

first turn on the light, click the side of the sick that is closest to the light. grab the stocking. go to the toilet and click the match box. now click the floor where the matches fell. get the bible near the thats closest to the picture. now go to the place where u see the mirrior. grab the wallet. click the wallet and open it grab the finger in the wallet. now click the matches and then click the match box. light the match and now burn the finger. figure out the rest on ur own.

Great adventure

Loved it!


confuced any help


I really love puzzle games like this game and I do enjoy the story itself... it has an original concept and I do enjoy watching the scenes! I'll absolutely play the next one!!! great job! :)