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Reviews for "Z Ball - Original"

Eh, it's above average, and its fun for a while.

Well, I played this game a while, its fun, I guess. But i thought there wasn't enough backround on the story. Also I think that is too hard and the controls are unconfertable. I guess most people like it but its not that exiting. I'm not a big fan of DBZ.

KynetiK-27 responds:

1 its a fighting engine
2 its only the engine


This game kicks ass...right now at this moment I'm in practice mode and the ball got so big that its gone....heh


cool i cant wait for the full verzion just one thing the block option has a nasty 3 second delay

KynetiK-27 responds:

3 second? no i dont think so Tim
the shield (space) will only work when you release the button, not press it.
after that, you should only have a 4 frame delay, @ 24 fps thats wont take long. the entire animation sequence for the shield is only 1 second long so i dunno where this 3 sec business comes from

I have idea's for the full version

Mabie in the full version u can fight in a city, mabie drop 2 the ground and fight oh destroy buildings n go in em n kill ordanary people!that would rock

fukin awesome

dude this game fukin rox but youre missin one thing:
w, a,s,d-move
spacebar-deflection field
mouse-move aimer
left click-hit ball(hold 4 power hit)