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Reviews for "Z Ball - Original"

this was fucking stupid,but im just mad

ok sorry about that right there, but this game is ok, it really needs improving. i have a few things to complain about. When you shoot off the ball thing, you should be able to aim where you want to shoot it, instead of just giving it to the other guy. There is no storyline whatsoever,even if it is just a demo, you can at least tell who the characters are, and there should be more characters. the graphics are something that is alright, but they could use improving, too. the menu settings need to be worked on. it shouldnt always go back to default settings everytime you go back to the menu. when you practice, theres no way to go back without closing the window. and that little fucking floating camera thingy, that always got in the way if you tried to kick the ball thing, which made it hard as hell for me to actually hit the other guy, ever. there was no sound, except for the weird anime sound fx and crap. the drawings were crap. well, ive pretty much told you everything that sucks. and im done, oh and dont give me one of those snooty little responses saying "oh, you dont know shit about this, stop bitching blahblahblahblahblah."

KynetiK-27 responds:

1) you use your mouse to aim where you hit anything. the direction will obviously be relative to your character. the aim is to become skillful at this to score combos, which cause more damage
2)the orb that follows you is a tool, used for projectile attacks and also a shield.
3)dude, its an engine demo and a 1st entry, ffs what else do you expect?

yes, this is the BEST ever.

This game was really addictive. not one of those "ok you won, fuck it dont play anymore" action games,this doesent get boring. Even for a frickin demo! gj m8 please hurry with the real verison.


its an ok game,but i just dont understand the gameplay after a while it just got boring becuase i didnt know the meaning of the game


its very good but i didnt understand the gameplay :D but very good.

You could easily make a second one

This wouldn't be hard to make a second version, all u gotta do is add in some lvls and some more characters. Its pretty good i think there is room for improvment but i dont know where.... =\