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Reviews for "Z Ball - Original"


This is the Best game i played (on the internet).
Make more :P

KynetiK-27 responds:

ty very much =D
im happy to see the demo has inspired future Z Ballers, keep training!

l luv this game

this game is awesome.i love how the guy you play as looks like trunks from dragonballz when he launches the ball.evreything in the game sounds like dragonballz.but the thing that i hate is that theres not enough to do in the game.you know what you should do is in arcade mode you should make levels.and in arcade mode the guys should look like characters from dragonballz.
sorry i wrote so long

KynetiK-27 responds:

Until full version i suggest you
crank up the difficulty;
- Survival mode
- Heavy ball type
- Hard difficulty

Whats your best time/s ppl? =P


i luved this game! heres a tip when fighting.... if you or enemy kicks the ball ip look for the shadow... itll tell you were the ball is.... stay at a cornor at when the ball is gonna hit you hold space bar the bar well deflect... heres another... if yuor at a cornor and enemys at cornor at he has ball.. jump or deflect i jumped cuz its easier! are these good? anyway good job this games great! for some reason when i play it when im mad and i kick ass!

KynetiK-27 responds:

Glad to see people are learning to master it =D

This game is pretty good

Hey this game is alright. It has a few minor problem and sometimes when i die the game doesn't end, but other than that its pretty damn good. it needs a better background and alternate characters and the energy used by the players could have a larger variety of colors but we might could expect that n the full version! I give this game a C+.


This game roXXors your boXXors