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Reviews for "Z Ball - Original"

Tis awsome

I got to play one of your game's, well it remind's me of the early street fighter game's, it was abit hard to control the little guy, i didn't know the key's to use at first, so was abit puzzled, i figured them out tho, Not sure what your mean't to do.. I killed the invisible guy then the ball kept going everywhere...

- kirty



Step By Step review

Graphics - 6 . Nothing really special graphic wise, but I like the fluidity, and the high speed movments, without it being all laggy, y'know. Really, there's not much you can do to improve this, unless you want to make 'levels'

Style - 9. Once again, very fluid, very fast paced, and I love it. This is one of those games that...I wish it could be a real sport, only, y'know, without the killing. Only thing that could make it better was if there was an actual story as to why they're kicking a ball at each other.. Though I'm sure there is, probably from your other works...but hey, I'm a freeloader. Working isn't for me ^_^

Sound - 3. It's a demo, but that does not save it from this review: 'ha!' 'Ah!' 'YOU WIN' 'YOU LOSE' 'Aaaaaah!!' 'ping' 'fwip!' does not make for a very impressive audio. Like I said, I know it's a demo, but this needs some music to it. And an option to mute / change music.

Violence -3. Unfortunately, the aspect I like about this game is the speed and the strategy that come into play. Don't really care about the violence. It'd be cool to be able to 'charge' up, fly to your opponent, and just knock the shit out of him.

Interactivity 10- My interactivity definition might be dated, but I believe that htis game is totally interactive, because you control the character..But that's just my definiton

Humor 2- It's really not funny...but I get a kick out of it when something works right. Like, when the ball becomes huge, and it's just flying all over the place. I've taken a liking to the strategy of running around, teleporting all over the place, charging up, coming down, FWOOM! It's awesome. And I lvoe it when it works, and it makes me smile.

Overall - 8 Mainly it's an 8 just to give you room to improve. I've added this particular page to my favorites list, haha, I still play it constantly.

Awaiting the full version...Ever patiently...Well, maybe not 'patiently'

KynetiK-27 responds:

Ty =D

Im still tossing up ideas of story
The majority of gfx and sound are 'skeletal', am slowly building up from the foundations.
At this point theres no point mixing any music until i have a story and cinematics made.
Just open winamp for now, that way you get to listen to whatever you want.


It's good.What you need to do is,(I know your probably doing it anyway but here it goes) add more sound,more charicters even though this is a demo.A background would be nice.Some music????Have the option where you can stop it too.More life!!!!!!!!!It should take more than a couple hits to kill someone.(well in my point of view anyway)Well that pretty much covers it.

KynetiK-27 responds:

TY very much =D

The aim is not to get hit at all. but you raise a good point.
I will make health go down slower, but at the cost of stamina recovery rate.

Your other points ive adressed in other reviews


it was like dragonball z + soccer it was flippin awsome. Whens the next one coming out?please reply

KynetiK-27 responds:

atm im working on a new enemy animation control system, once thats done i can focus on missions, enemys, chars and special moves
i expect a late aug-sept release