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Reviews for "How Wind Falls"

I can hear it now! :D

Couldn't hear it before, but now I can! lol
Very nice. Did you play the guitar yourself?? If not, how did you make it?

Semaphore responds:

Thank you very much =)

I played all by myself on my keyboard, the guitar sounds are from NEXUS 2 VST


this is truely beautiful and awesome trance man!
Very soothing yet powefull.
It's packed with emotions (as usuall), you never dissapoint me Sema :D
We should seriously make a collab some day.

full score from me :D


Keep it up Sema :P


Semaphore responds:


I really appreciate your reviews Krussi =D

it makes me total happy to read your joy about the song =)

your songs give me the same happy and emotional feeling to me too

and I promise we are going to work together in the nearest future !

you should also keep it up ;)

Greetz Sema ^_^v

The wind is falling...

Hmm... I kind of... Can hear it :)

I really like this one, even though it looks like other people don't. I'm not sure why it's score is so low :/

Anyway, 5/5 -> 4.09 / 5.00 (+ 0.088)

Just as in the rest of your songs, I can clearly sense the emotions flowing through... Another fav on my list from you :3


Semaphore responds:

that means much to me Rychlas =)

thank you very much