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Reviews for "How Wind Falls"


i was about to say is this song like 30ms long it kept repeating lol i did not know its so good lol keep it up i woud some of my friends hear it and i think thay will like it

Semaphore responds:

yeah I tried to keep it changing with another instruments

glad you like it =D

Loved it's quickness

This was quite the epic song,i like that it wasn't booming loud but still got your adrenaline going with it's smooth & quick pace,the quality was excellent and overall i enjoyed it so keep up the great work.

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much

the reason because it's not booming is why I have used a stereo shaper

greets Sema

Nice melody

Really nice melody at begining, Im sure itcould been even nicer with more experiance behind the work of music creation. I hear its still alot todo in this song and how it could been much better trust me it could. Well its not much i could say more then give you tops try explore even more. If i had melody like this it could been really amezing uplifting symphonic trance sound. Anyway keep work hard /TN

Semaphore responds:

I try many different ways to master or insert and change the sound of instruments

I'm never really fine with the sound but after 1 week I have to do a cut in that hell =D

it's still a hobby and not a professionel thing

that's why I'm sharing this with you ;)

thank you very much TerraNation

greetings Sema


sick mate! what program do you use? FL 9?

Semaphore responds:


thanks mate ^^

Whoa :O

The intro to the song is amazing a real breathe of fresh air, the melody is very relaxing and gets you in the mood to dance and a great song to start a night out with. This reminds me of one of those songs from the M.O.S Chillout Album. Overall I think the song is great.
Keep it up
Sarah xxx

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much Sarah xxx =D