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Reviews for "How Wind Falls"

Pure awesome

Excellent song, definitely deserving of a top score from me! The opening was great, and you didn't draw out to much on the opening, and just kept adding in more sounds; Keeping the beat fresh and new, as the song went on. Keep it up man! And you should definitely make a longer version of this some time!

Semaphore responds:

maybe some day =)

thank you very much Drespar


Needs to be longer but otherwise just great!

Semaphore responds:

thank you =)

good job

it has a great sound to it

Semaphore responds:

thanks =D

Sounds good

I'm glad you didn't waste time drawing out the heavenly start up riff that most would call beatiful. I on the other hand would call it overrated. This song builds apon it's self and all the instruments come in at the right time it never stops changing, shame it's such a short song.

Semaphore responds:

yeah I tried a changing variation through the song and at the same time harmonizing

thank you very much for this review =)


Epic. Of course the piano was great. The Guitar was a overdose of spacial excitement. Could be louder but thats probably my messed up speakers. I downloaded.

Semaphore responds:

in my headphones it's loud enough =)

I didn't mastered it a lot or something

but I'm fine with it

more a try than a song

it remembered me of the endless story song =D

thank you very much Darkfire