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Reviews for "Radosh - Seaside"

Welcome to the future

Man this is awesome. I can imagine this on some kind of Extreme- G game. Racing all over the planet. Futuristic cities, deserts and jungles.

If I was a game designer I would buy this track for no less than


Radosh responds:

xDxD Thanks Dude.. BILLION DOLLARS? mmmm MONEY!! xD



Radosh responds:

Thank Yo Man!


This is a sweet song, I just got in on the DnB scene a little while ago, I also think its really cool of you to comment and say thank you in a response to everyone's comments, great music and good like with future tracks!

Cheers Vektron :D

Radosh responds:

Thank You Vekteron!! I'm not conceited .. So I'm glad for every review .. And always answer it xD

This is pretty great

I quite enjoyed the piano and pads you used with this.
Really nice work.

Radosh responds:

Thank You..

really nice song

nice nice, but when i close my eye's , i imagine that im in a forest, jusping fast from tree to tree, then suddenly when it becomes clam im on the top of mounteverest and looking out on the landskape, this really makes you'r mind flow :D


Radosh responds:

Yeah xD Imagine what you want .. xD Anyway thanks for the review :)