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Reviews for "Radosh - Seaside"


Once Again Youve Managed To Make A SOng Worthy Of My Freerunning Folder.
Although You Said Beach,
I Think Of Running,
And I Love You Drums!
Good JOB!
Love IT!

Radosh responds:

Thanks Man... I could say that everything is inspired by freerunning :D .. even my lifestyle xD
I'm very glad you like it!

Yeah music not sucky

But i also do not like the genre. Can i have a long authors response too?!

Radosh responds:

Thanks.. But.. what should I write here.... is an objective review..
and I am pleased with it....

Hmm. nice.

Although this is not the genre of music I like, it's pretty dammed good.
I think the opening kick just needs to be changed, it just doesn't blend in with the start, or just change the start chords.
Or whatever, you get the point.

Nice job man.

Radosh responds:

Yes.. Maybe Ill change it.. Or Maybe not.. xD
Thanks For review :]

Still learning? You, sir, are a liar!

If this is you when you're still learning, than I and other folks like me may as well delete our accounts and do something else with our time.

I hate to think of what you'll come out with when you consider yourself a master. It's people like you up here that keep all us little people down here out of the top five.

Excellent job on all parts. I loved it.

Radosh responds:

Ho Ho stop for a while.. :D I'm only 15 years old kid who loves music.. I spend at fl 3-4 hours per day .. I Have keyboard next to my PC so whenever I'm bored i looking for new melodies ..
I began to compose music about a year ago and still trying to improve..
So I still learning... YES i can say.. This is my best song.. But when you look on my account.. You can see.. most of my songs is not so great like this...
BTW: Much Thanks For Review :3...


Clearman: i confused my cat with the beat LOl

Radosh responds:

LoL poor Kitty xD