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Reviews for "Radosh - Seaside"


fast pace :D

Radosh responds:

:D Thanks

Holy ****, this is an awesome song.

When I heard this song, it sounded like more of a RPG boss battle type song. But I guess everyone sees it in a different way. Awesome song dude. I'm a flash developer myself, and after hearing this song, I may be thinking of using this song for my RPG battles in future games. Keep up the good work.

Radosh responds:

Oh!! Thank Yo! If you finish that game you can count on my music!! xD


me of all those great fantasy games ive gorn through lol. sick beat am loving the drums. second repetive some ive heard 2day but as i said with the last 1, whats a good song without its repetiveness?? lovin it :P

Radosh responds:

Thanks :3

Its teh....

best thing i have listend to .... Pure Magic :)
Keep it on man... U have a gift..... 5/5 :)

Radosh responds:

OH.. Thx Man... Really appreciate this Review!!

It's just

so nice, yet so simple. Just a drumbeat, keyboard, and choirish sound.

Radosh responds:

Thank You Man...
BTW: I like simple things xD