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Reviews for "Beginners Guide to Flash"


It's always good to see new tutorials on the portal and I have to disagree with HxG, I think it is one for the begginers because it does cover all the stuff that you need to know. Although admitedly, it was a bit bland though, blue background. Other then that, good work. Keep it up = )

Jovatov responds:

Hmm, yeah, I like it nice and clean when text is involved.

Nice but we have alot of this

good tutorial
something i dont know was explained^^
but there are so much tutorials about starting with flash
and its not one for starters

Jovatov responds:

Why isn't it one for starters? It explains everything, beginning with the stage and then the tools, then the timeline, then etc. etc.

And if something you didn't know, is explained, it was pretty useful.


I Think That Was Great

Jovatov responds:

Thank you

good job bro

Very informative great job bro keep up the awesome work

Jovatov responds:

Thank you

it's not bad but really

do we need more tutorials?? in contrast to what the other guy said i don't think we need anymore tutorials on NG

if someone wants to learn flash they can search in google for tutorials and get over a million hits of pro quallity tutorials

Jovatov responds:

I think we do, all the tuts I've seen are just some basic tutorials that discuss like 5 or 6 things. Mine is a start-to-finish explanation.