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Reviews for "Beginners Guide to Flash"


To tell you honestly, I think there should be more tutorials passed on this site, and yours is pretty exstensive, It's good for people that have no idea how to use flash, which I'm sure I was like once.

But if it dosen't pass, which I'll be upset by, perhaps you should spadazz it up a bit, you have to understand that the people blamming or protecting, probably aren't so much as begginners and are more of...I like to watch type.

But putting a little flash introduction in the beggining...like a cinematic to go into the tutorial would be nice, it will get whoever is about to read your tutorial excited...such as: "Omg! That is so cool! I want to learn how to do that."

And then afterwards, you got to keep their attention, people today have really short attention spans and many of us don't really like to read through tutorials. We like to be taught and then done with it.

But in the end, it's a nice tutorial.

An idea I'm going to throw out, it may not be good and it may not even work, it's just something to concider. Okay, the person likes to interact, and I know they are suppose to have flash open and follow your instructions but perhaps if in the flash you give them chances to do something. But that sounds hard to do.

Okay and on the sound, I would start out having the sound play and allowing the veiwer to turn it off if they wish to.

Jovatov responds:

Thanks for the big review :-)

Doing a flash introduction is perhaps a pretty good idea, but I also like to see things nice and clean.

Hmm, that idea of yours it might work, allthough it is probably a lot of work, and the biggest problem is that you'll need the whole flash layout which needs the flash to be a rather big size (like 1024-768 pixels, and that would make things quite big.

Yeah, the sound isn't started at the beginning, but that's what I like, cus I listen to my won music, especially when learning something.

Ive seen too many of this go to waste

its an ok flash but ive seen bettter flash tutorial movies better than urs getting balmmed

Jovatov responds:

Well you do have a lot of B/P points