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Reviews for "Beginners Guide to Flash"


Its an okay tutorial.... but your drawings we're off... good job on the tools though.

Practise what you preech xD

Now something less cryptic...

It was ok, packed with alot of info. But seriously dude, work on your layout, it was very sloppy. Even use some of flashes inbuilt buttons if you have too. Otherwise it was ok... i guess..


first of all your tool bar stuff looks REALLLLLY sloppy and disgusting i recomend you press print screen (when on flash) on your keyboard then go to paint and paste. then edit the tool bar out.

Jovatov responds:

Did you check the filesize? Using all of those jpg's all over again would add it up by at least 1.5 mb

lol if you draw over an exsisting image,

at least try to make it look good xD

a well explained tutorial, though i already knew all except the penpad sensitivity thing..
the only problem is that it doesn't really look attractive for noobs to read such amount of text in a flash file that doesn't really look good.
also, AS is not hard to learn at all, but only if you really want it=D

Jovatov responds:

It's just an example draying okay XD

I find AS to be pretty hard, but I'm trying.

helpful tutorial!

some of the things you mention, i didnt even know about! thanks alot man! i needed some tips so i could finish my dbz flashes.

Jovatov responds:

Glad I could help,
good luck on your flashes!