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Reviews for "Beginners Guide to Flash"

Good work!

I like how in-depth you were, although some links didn't work, as another reviewer said. Even though I'm not a n00b anymore, I still learned something: graphics vs. movieclips! Thanks! By the way, the second song was from Madness Depredation, right? Where'd you find it? It kicks ass!

Jovatov responds:

Yeah I'm looking into those links right now.
I found that song in the Audio Portal, it's called madness 6, look for it!

Thanks man is helped a lot

Now i'm trying to make my first movie.
good job.
make m ore so I can study more.

Jovatov responds:

When you've mastered all of this, you already have gone a far way.

Packed with alot of information!

This tutorial can really be helpful to the beginners. One thing, when I pressed the "link button" button and nothing happened for me.

Jovatov responds:

Okay, thank you, I'll try to fix it.

My advice...

You have a lot of good information here, but there's only one thing wrong with this tutorial. It's boring to look at! Make it prettier! N one want to look at something as boring as this. When something doesn't look appealing, people might question the information provided in it. : )

Jovatov responds:

Working on this right now


I should have seen this tutorial instead of looking through the help files. =.=

Jovatov responds:

That's a very good reason for giving me 0