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Reviews for "-Mr. Robot Episode 1-"

Mr. Robot?

More like "Mr robot chicken"! Great job.

quite excellent

it was enjoyable, the only problem was that the audio wasn't that high quality and the knight's voice was highly annoying

i liked how it was short and punctual, that is always good what with all the long, boring flashes some people make

on a nostalgic tangent, i used to have a castle with knights like that when i was a kid haha... i also had pirates from the same brand too


I liked your last "Robot Chicken Attempt" too. These are great!


It was very funny and very well done so I'am protecting it and i also have that knight set from when i was little.

didnt make me laugh.. but i like the style

I like it alot.. and i would like if you made some more ones that where a bit more violent >_> i wish you had dbz action figures to make some dragonball z ONES

think of the possiblitys